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Emission Services Overview

RDO Equipment Co. is helping you "CLEAR the air."

RDO Equipment Co. is your emission solutions provider for your equipment fleet. So, we’re helping you "CLEAR the air." RDO Equipment Co. is committed to finding the best possible emission solutions to bring your equipment fleet into compliance. We can help on other non-John Deere or Non-Hitachi equipment, too.
RDO Equipment Co. has the people and solutions in place to either REPOWER or REPLACE your fleet to the highest emissions level available for application. We offer various CARB VERIFIED RETROFIT devices that can help address your Particulate Matter and NOx issues. Plus, we can provide consultation and fleet analysis to determine if you qualify to obtain funding to help pay for these solutions.
RDO Equipment Co. Emission Services include:
  • Emission information and updates to ARB/CARB rules and regulations
  • DOORS – Diesel Off-Road On-Line Registration System
  • PERP – Portable Equipment Registration Program
  • Compliance Paths – Fleet review and suggestions on how to meet compliance targets
  • Engine Executive numbers and Family numbers
  • Funding Opportunities – Application and Emission assistance


Emissions Resources

In Use Off-Road Information and Resources

Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP)    
Information and Resources


Funding Opportunities

John Deere Power Systems Resources

Miscellaneous Resources


Let Our Emissions Expert Help You!

RDO Equipment Co. Power Plant Technology & Emissions Specialist, Alan Rakow, has 30+ years in the Construction and Heavy Equipment Business. Alan is recognized as a leading voice on matters of ARB and CARB across the nation is available to assist with your businesses Fleet Emission needs.


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