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RDO Equipment Co. News - February, 2017

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Annual RDO Equipment Co. Sales Conference Held in Fergus Falls, MN

Annual RDO Equipment Co. Sales Conference Held in Fergus Falls, MN

On February 20, teams from the RDO Equipment Co. Midwest and Northwest Ag regions came together for the fourth-annual sales conference at the Red Horse Ranch in Fergus Falls, MN.

After a group dinner on Monday night, the team began the first of two days of seminars consisting of both classroom-style learning and hands-on training sessions. Technology was a primary focus of most seminars, topics ranging from customer service to John Deere Field Connect to UAV solutions, and the hands-on training featuring sprayer updates, SureFire, and used equipment walk-arounds. Each seminar was intended to increase the team’s knowledge on the topic, with the end goal of being able to better serve customers.

While the days were packed with learning, there was plenty of fun to be had, too. Tuesday evening’s games, teambuilding, and relaxed atmosphere made for some of the most valuable moments of the week, according to Mark Kreps, Vice President of Agriculture Sales.

“As much as it’s about learning, this event is an opportunity to ‘let our hair down’, build strong relationships with each other, and just have fun,” he said. “It’s also great because it gives new employees a chance to be introduced to our unique company culture.”

The best part of Tuesday evening, according to Mark? “Hands down, our human foosball tournament!” It was quite an event, with all team members participating. Mike Heidecker, General Manager, added extra flair with his spot-on game commentary, and Mark Summerville, Account Manager from the Kindred store, was named MVP of the tournament.

In fact, Tuesday evening’s atmosphere and activities proved so valuable, Mark says they plan to extend games and teambuilding to Monday night as well.

The event wrapped on Thursday with a special Precision Ag day event. Customers were invited to participate in trainings and learning on key offerings from the Product Specialist Team.

This was the second year the Northwest team joined the Midwest for one large, combined event, with attendance of more than 150 participants. In addition the Ag team and leadership, Chris Cooper, COO; Terry Tolbert, Vice President of Aftermarket; and Richard Arias, General Manager of Sales for RDO Water made the trip to Fergus Falls to take part. The group also welcomed Patrick Hanyumba to the event, marking his first U.S. visit since the new RDO Africa partnership formed. Several John Deere representatives and shortline partners also participated.

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