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RDO Equipment Co. News - October, 2016

Learn about our stores, equipment, employees and service to the community.

Antique Tractor Event in Breckenridge, MN

Antique Tractor Event in Breckenridge, MN

This summer, the Breckenridge, MN team held an Antique Tractor Event.

This unique community event encouraged customers and community members to bring in their antique tractors and other pieces of equipment. The store received a total of 43 entries, including tractors of all sizes (and colors!), implements, and even a John Deere 45 EB combine. The antiques were on display for a few days in the store lot.

As a method to partner with the local FFA chapters, the store invited several of them to come and serve lunch each day. $1,375 was donated through a free will offering and split evenly between five chapters. The local frozen yogurt shop donated the use of a machine with all proceeds going to the FFA chapters.

To make the most of an exciting week at the store, the Breckenridge team conducted a combine clinic with 25 customers and team members and their Customer Appreciation event hosted an additional 125 customers.

“Our team really pulled out the stops for an exciting week of activities,” said Mike Makovsky, Store Manager. “The Antique Tractor Event was a new concept, and one that went over very well with our customers and communities. We will look at making this an annual event. In addition, our combine clinic and Customer Appreciation dinner were other ways for us to connect with our customers.”