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RDO Equipment Co. News - October, 2016

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Drone Rodeo a Success for RDO Equipment Co. and senseFly

You’ve probably heard of traditional rodeos and you might have heard of equipment rodeos, but have you ever heard of a drone rodeo? Our team was excited to partner with senseFly and be a part of the Ag Drone Rodeo in Pendleton, OR, hosted by the Pendleton UAS Test Range.

This event proved to be a success for our team and senseFly. The majority of participants were actual growers, with informed questions and a true interest in UAS technology for agriculture.

Bill Edmonson, UAV Product Specialist on the RDOIC Billings team, represented RDO Equipment Co. at the event. Bill commented, “The perception about UAS as a tool for agriculture is shifting from theoretical ideology to mainstream asset. We’re discussing workflow practicality and ease of use instead of how to use the data.”

The RDOIC team was able to easily display the simple senseFly workflow of plan-fly-process-manage to an attentive and interested group.

“I’m looking forward to the continuing maturation of UAS agriculture technology and am happy to see that many growers see the benefits for their businesses and are looking for a best-fit solution,” Bill added.

The event was hosted at Stahl Farms, one of RDO Equipment Co.’s customers. It boasted nearly 200 individuals in attendance, ranging from producers and growers, UAV enthusiasts, and industry experts.

Watch this recap of the event.