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RDO Equipment Co. News - October, 2016

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Farm Rescue Helps 400th Family – RDO Equipment Co. Casselton Customer

Farm Rescue Helps 400th Family – RDO Equipment Co. Casselton Customer

There are certain people in the world who are always willing to lend a hand; drop whatever they’re doing to help others in need. Tim McLean is one of those people.

As fire chief of the volunteer fire department in Casselton, ND, Tim has been one of the first responders in numerous emergency situations. Even if it means stepping away from a busy day running his farm, Tim makes it a priority to help others. So it’s no wonder that during this year’s harvest, an outpouring of support was offered to Tim and his family when they needed it most.

The Unexpected
Every year, Tim’s wife and father help him with harvest of the farm’s 2,200+ acres. In fact, Tim would be the first to give his wife the most credit for harvest operations running smoothly.

“She has been the one to keep things going through harvest, running the combine, grain cart, and parts,” he said.

A few months back, Tim’s wife was diagnosed with cancer – something that has been understandably hard on the family, both physically and emotionally. Adding to the situation, last spring, Tim’s father fell and shattered his pelvis. He’s still recovering, and unable to get in and out of equipment. 

Knowing Tim’s wife and father wouldn’t be able to help out with harvest this year, Jon Zuther, Account Manager at the Casselton store was concerned Tim would need quite a bit of help. And he had an idea: Farm Rescue.

The Solution
Farm Rescue is a non-profit organization that provides planting, harvesting, and haying assistance to farm families that have experienced a major injury, illness, or natural disaster. Since 2006, Farm Rescue has helped farmers and ranchers throughout Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and eastern Montana.

RDO Equipment Co. has been involved with the organization since the beginning, providing the equipment needed to plant and harvest crops.

Having firsthand experience partnering with Farm Rescue, and knowing the great work its team and volunteers do, Jon suggested Tim look into assistance for this year’s harvest. But, like so many people eager to help out others in need, Tim was never one to ask for help himself, and hesitated to apply.

“I reminded him of all the help he has offered to others over the years,” Jon said. “Now, it was his turn to get the help he needed.”

Although he still struggled with the decision to apply – one time even saying to Jon, “What if someone else needs this more than I do?” – Tim read through the application, learned more about the process, and decided to apply. The following day, Tim received the call.

The Support
On September 27, Tim McLean became the newest recipient of Farm Rescue’s harvesting assistance. This was incredibly meaningful, not just to Tim, but to Farm Rescue as well. The McLean family is the 400th in Farm Rescue history to receive assistance in a time of crisis.

Bill Gross, President of Farm Rescue spoke to the significance of this milestone, saying, “We are honored to have assisted 400 farm and ranch families during their unexpected time of crisis.”

Prior to Farm Rescue coming to the McLean farm, Tim’s family saw even more support from the community. RDO Equipment Co. donated time, labor, and use of a combine to start harvest. The local elevator provided seven semis to transport material, and the local feed dealer donated a grain cart. Even another customer of RDO Equipment Co. offered the use of an extra grain cart.

For RDO Equipment Co., Tim McLean is an example of the core value, “Build Customers for Life” and it was no question that this lifelong partner would get the support he needed.

Learn more about Farm Rescue at and don't miss this video, featuring Tim and his experience.