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RDO Equipment Co. News - August, 2016

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Grand Forks Employees Each Celebrate 25 Years of Service

Grand Forks Employees Each Celebrate 25 Years of Service
Two Grand Forks employees celebrated their 25 years of service – Jason Kouba, Field Service Technician, and Mike Sundberg, Service Technician.

General Manager Roni Lillehaugen spoke highly of both Mike and Jason. “Mike is a highly skilled, highly trained, and highly respected team member.  He is quick to lend a hand to others and is a great mentor to our new team members. Mike has built strong relationships with our customers – they often ask for him by name and request that he work on their machines.”

“Jason’s extensive technical training and many years of experience have led him to be a highly respected diagnostician and technician.  He is a strong supporter of our Customer Engagement Experience and focuses on helping our customers increase their profitability and lower their risk by ensuring he provides topnotch service and repairs.”

Kevin Grove, Service Manager, echoed those sentiments of both. “We are lucky to have the skill, expertise, knowledge, and commitment from both Mike and Jason on our team. Everyone in our shop has learned from them.”
Both Mike and Jason had their own recognition lunches attended by their family members.