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RDO Equipment Co. News - November, 2016

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Lakeside Store Serves as Host for September AGC Event

Lakeside Store Serves as Host for September AGC Event

The Lakeside store opened its doors and welcomed the AGC Engineering & General Contractor’s Council’s monthly meeting in September.

Will Kempton, who serves as the Executive Director of Transportation California, an industry-based advocacy group dedicated to the advancement of California’s transportation program, was the featured speaker. He talked about California’s challenges with the current transportation infrastructure and opportunities ahead for the entire construction industry.

In preparation for the meeting, the Lakeside team cleared out several service bays in the shop, lined up new equipment outside of the bays for display and also had a 1050K in the nearest bay on display.

Overall, they heard positive feedback from attendees on the facility and units they had on display. “This type of event gives us the chance to interact with key contractors who attended, and brings significant exposure to RDO Equipment Co. to decision makers in our market,” commented Mike Fenton, General Manager.

November 5, 2016  |  Category: Events