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RDO Equipment Co. News - November, 2016

Learn about our stores, equipment, employees and service to the community.

Portland’s Community Involvement

Getting involved in the community comes second nature to the Portland team. They have two recent examples to share.

Clark County Food Bank Gleaning Program
“Gleaning” is when a crew of volunteers harvest unmarketable or extra produce at a local farm or helps out a community member in their efforts to grow food for the food bank.

The Clark County Food Bank gleaning program began in 2012–with the help of 90 enlisted volunteers, 20 growers, 12 donors, and nine gleaning events. This season, employees from the Portland RDO-Vermeer volunteered their time to help pick corn for the local food bank. Bill Henry, Portland Parts Specialist, and his family, as well as Missy Shepherd, Portland Office Administrator, and her family volunteered for the event. 

“My family and I had a great time picking corn and helping out the food bank” stated Bill.   

Veterans Service Center Charity Golf Tournament
Dave Geiger, Account Manager, donated $250 of the store’s community funds to the Veteran Service Center to sponsor a charity golf tournament at Three Rivers Golf Club.

Dave and the store received kind words from the VSC for their donation: “Your commitment to and support of veterans and service members has enabled the Cowlitz County Veterans’ Service Center to operate well into next year. With your help veterans have been and will be assisted in seeking and obtaining the benefits and opportunities they have earned and deserve.”

“We talk a lot about our communities, and it’s a positive experience when we can do what we say and give back through our time and resources,” commented Ollie Windle, General Manager.