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RDO Equipment Co. News - August, 2016

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RDO Equipment Co. - Riverside Construction Update: August

RDO Equipment Co. - Riverside Construction Update: August

Phase I construction is wrapping up at the new RDO Equipment Co. store in Riverside, with final items including building and site utilities, and finish work tracking to be completed by month-end. Concrete has been poured on the south side of the shop and racking install is currently underway in the new Parts Warehouse.

“The end of phase one marks a significant milestone in this building project,” Duane Bonini, General Manager said. “We’re so pleased with the progress of our new store and look forward to starting phase two in September.”

Dennis Howard, Vice President of the company’s southwest region added, “The team has been working hard to keep the project on track, minimizing the impact on customers and our service. It’s a great reward for all to see phase one coming to a successful close, and everyone’s eager to jump right into phase two.”

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