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RDO Equipment Co. News - October, 2016

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RDO Equipment Co. - Riverside Construction Update: October

RDO Equipment Co. - Riverside Construction Update: October

Phase II construction is in full swing at the new RDO Equipment Co. store in Riverside. Demolition of the former building is near completion and expected to be finished by month-end. While this step is crucial to continued progress, the team understands it could cause confusion for customers. 

“We’re continuing to remind customers Riverside operations are fully up-and-running throughout construction,” Duane Bonini, General Manager said. “It’s our goal to limit any interruption to normal business while working towards the new store.”

In efforts to keep customers informed of what to expect and what they might see happening at the store, Dennis Howard, Vice President of the company’s southwest construction region shared a snapshot of October’s timeline.

“Looking ahead this month, there’s going to be a lot of site work going on and utilities will be a heavy focus,” he said.

Specific work includes building foundation excavation and grading, began the first week of October. Underground plumbing and electrical are slated to start the week of October 17.

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