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RDO Equipment Co. News - March, 2017

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RDO Equipment Co. Team Member Celebrated for 40 Years of Service

RDO Equipment Co. Team Member Celebrated for 40 Years of Service

Sandy Blatter, Director of Parts Operation Support, was recognized for 40 years of service at the Fargo Field Support Office’s February meeting. Several members of the leadership team, including Terry Tolbert, Vice President of Aftermarket and Dave Horner, Corporate Controller, along with Christi Offutt and Ron Offutt, honored Sandy and shared stories of her time spent with RDO Equipment Co.

In 1976, Sandy came onboard in the parts department at the Bismarck store. After six months, she was promoted to Assistant Parts Manager, followed by the roles of Parts Manager and General Parts Manager. She then created the central parts ordering process and became Central Parts Ordering Manager.

When speaking to highlights of her 40 years, Sandy was quick to express gratitude to others, saying, “I’m thankful to the Offutt family for providing a great place to work, a place that empowers employees, and the opportunities they gave me to use my talents and grow throughout the years.”

“The thing I appreciate most about Sandy is she will be the first one to jump into a situation and will be the last one out, leaving only when it has been completed,” Terry said. “She sets the example for partnering with employees and doing whatever is needed to get the job done.”