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RDO Equipment Co. News - December, 2016

Learn about our stores, equipment, employees and service to the community.

RDO Management Institute Volunteers at Park Rapids Park

RDO Management Institute Volunteers at Park Rapids Park

The RDO Management Institute is a 30-month program that allows managers to participate in quality learning solutions designed to give them the knowledge, capacity, and experience necessary for management excellence in their current role and greater responsibility in the future. The Management Institute began in 2010 and two groups have graduated since that time (Management Institute I and Management institute II). Management Institute III began in 2015 and the group graduates in June 2017.

Each Management Institute group commits to a community service project during the 30 months. This October, the Management Institute III group volunteered for the Park Rapids Rotary Club Fitness Park (see news article). They planted 20 trees in roughly an hour.

“The opportunity to support the community allows the Management Institute participants to make a difference in the community, supporting our commitment to stakeholder engagement and our core values. The experience was rewarding for everyone,” stated Debra McGinty, Learning & Development Director.