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RDO Equipment Co. News - November, 2016

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RDO Vermeer Customer Receives Signed AX19

RDO Vermeer Customer Receives Signed AX19

In November, Vermeer will unveil its new arborist series brush chippers. Their first model in this series, the AX19 is a more robust machine, featuring dual horizontal feed rollers, full-functioning remote, fixed feed table, and more.

RDO Vermeer Hayward customer A Plus Tree is the third customer to purchase one, and the first in California. A Plus Tree was founded in 2002 by Jeremy Tibbets. He recently traded in all his yellow Vermeer equipment for an entirely new, custom-painted Vermeer fleet (featuring black and red paint).
“When Jeremy learned of the AX19, he knew he had to own it, but he wanted it before Vermeer’s unveiling in November. He also requested it be signed by Jason Andringa, Vermeer CEO, with clear coating over the signature,” commented Brandon Kyse, General Manager.

Brandon believes the new AX19 will be a beneficial solution for many customers not just in the Northern California area, but for all of RDO Vermeer’s territories. “This new unit, paired with our support, will successfully position us as the leader in arborist equipment.”

Stay tuned for more information about the AX19.

November 11, 2016  |  Category: Products