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RDO Equipment Co. News - January, 2017

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Riverside Construction Update: January

Riverside Construction Update: January

While rain has been heavy the past few weeks in Riverside, it hasn’t stopped January from being a busy month for the team working on RDO Equipment Co.’s newest store. From structure and concrete work to site utilities and interior rough-ins, numerous areas of the site are coming along.

Primary focus thus far has been on projects like structure prep and utility work. This month, the team is beginning to see the start of tasks that give a more visible snapshot of the actual store – both exciting and rewarding, according to Dennis Howard, Vice President of the company’s southwest construction region.

“Exterior framing, sidewalks, even light poles – several pieces are starting to come together and we’re beginning to see a store that will be fully operational in just a few months,” he said.

Duane Bonini, General Manager, says a recent, key project has played a major role in establishing the bigger-picture vision Howard described. “One of our largest Phase 2 tasks, preparing the primary concrete slab, is in the middle of a three-week job to grind, polish, and finalize it for the main part of the building.”

Upon completion, building structural work can continue, with framing of interior walls among the first tasks scheduled in February. “It will be just as exciting for our customers to see the new store really starting to take shape,” Bonini said.

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