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RDO Equipment Co. News - October, 2016

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South Dakota Combine Clinics Highlight Latest in Ag Technology

South Dakota Combine Clinics Highlight Latest in Ag Technology

The Aberdeen, Redfield, and Webster stores each held combine clinics that focused on basic Preventative Maintenance and how to keep equipment running through the season.

Other topics covered by the Precision Ag team included the Go Harvest App, Harvest Mobile, and Machine Sync. “We wanted customers to understand how they can use technology to really improve their equipment’s performance,” said Brian Bjordal, Aberdeen Store Manager.

At the Aberdeen event, which boasted 60 customers, several commented that it was the most informative clinic they have ever attended. “This was a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate how we add value to our customer’s operations,” Brian added.

Similar comments were received in both Redfield (with 30 customers in attendance) and Webster (54 customers). “We sold $22,000 in parts during our clinic. It was a great turnout and a great event for our team,” commented JD Kessler, Webster Store Manager.

“Events like these are great to show customers that we understand the worries and pain points of their operations, especially in critical seasons like harvest, and we’re here to help with solutions,” added Clae Hoots, Redfield Store Manager.

October 12, 2016  |  Category: Events