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RDO Equipment Co. News - February, 2017

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What Happened at COMPOST 2017

What Happened at COMPOST 2017

For 25 years, the US Composting Council has hosted COMPOST, a trade show dedicated to the composting and organics recycling industry. Because of its targeted, niche focus, this show is always a great opportunity to connect with customers and meet new professionals in this ever-growing, ever-evolving industry.

For our team at RDO Equipment Co., the interest in new technologies, particularly UAVs, and the need for construction equipment like loaders and excavators, offers us added opportunity to serve these professionals beyond our line of Vermeer recycling equipment.

Whether you were able to attend the show or unable to make it this year, its outcome will affect you, as industry optimism and growing interest, worldwide, in landfill diversion were key takeaways. In addition, read below for our team’s three top highlights from this year’s COMPOST 2017.

The Crowd
Composting and landfill diversion are hot and growing topics, and you could feel it from the show floor to the demo area to the educational seminars. This year’s show being hosted in California, a state that has led, and will continued to be a leader in much of the growth and initiative, was a natural fit for where the industry is focused right now and brought out all of Southern California’s largest companies.

But beyond California, it was exciting to see the diverse representation of attendees. From Atlanta to New York, and Australia to Mexico, we met with professionals from across the country and the world. This speaks to the importance of composting and organic recycling, and not just on a national level. The full, global reach of this mission and industry is alive and strong.

We also saw a broad range of ages represented throughout the week, from those just out of school filling the educational seminars, to a woman in her 70s, who received an award for her years of dedication to the compost industry.

The Demos
While the show floor and classrooms saw strong attendance, the turnout at the Equipment Show and Demonstrations day was the most impressive sight. Several-hundred people attended the full-day event of equipment demos, where both new and proven machines were showcased.

One of the most exciting and unique demos came from our RDO Integrated Controls team. Kirk Bolling, account manager from our Anaheim location, flew both a fixed-wing and quad-copter style drone around the area.

The Machines
We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the solutions and equipment our teams were able to show to customers and other attendees – both brand-new machines and some of our key, jobsite-proven pieces.

On the Vermeer side, we were especially excited to show off some newer compost and recycling pieces. For the first time, customers were able to see, in operation, the TR626 trommel screen with radial stacking conveyor. Many were interested to see Vermeer’s CT718 compost turner, as well as the HG6000TX horizontal grinder, the new track model of Vermeer’s 6000 grinder.

In addition to our RDO Integrated Controls team flying the eBee drone at the Equipment Show and Demonstrations day, our experts showed the products at our booth and discussed the possibilities of UAV technology with interested attendees from around the globe. 

Finally, and of particular significance, our RDO Equipment Co. team had two John Deere staples on display and in the demo area for the first time ever at this show: Three 644k loaders and two 350G excavators.

Being able to have our Vermeer, Topcon, and John Deere solutions alongside each other was a great opportunity to show companies that we’re committed and able to serve this industry with our total solutions approach, our teams of specialists, and unique focus on urgency and uptime. 

The Next Steps
The message of composting, both as a growing and necessary initiative, was strong. One of our team’s biggest takeaways from the show was an alarming statistic: Nationwide, only 5% of our biomass is turned into compost. The other 95% goes to the landfill and remains there as waste. Those interested in learning more about Consumer vs. Prosumer composting and how to compost, please visit this special page from the US Composting Council.

Gone are the days of taking green waste and using it, for example, as ADC, as true diversion strategies are pushing to get as much material out of the landfills for good. In order to keep up with increasing demand as a result of this, compost, green waste, and the industry’s other specialized companies are producing at greater rates. And we know it’s our opportunity – and, more importantly, our responsibility – to be a partner in helping to meet that demand.


About the Author
Eric Tusler is Sales Manager for RDO Equipment Co. in Riverside, CA.

For more information on specialized equipment and service for your composting or organic recycling business, or to set up a Vermeer, Topcon, or John Deere equipment demo, contact your local RDO Equipment Co. store.

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