John Deere Aercore™ 800 Aerator

  • 31.5-in. (80-cm) coring
  • Lightweight design
  • Drive tire core deflectors


+ Lightweight design and 9-psi (62.1 kPa) operating tire pressure minimizes turf compaction

+ Belt drive system means smooth and quiet operation, minimal maintenance, and no chains to grease

+ Industry-exclusive verticutter attachment gives the Aercore™ 800 more versatility than any other walk-behind aerator in the industry

+ Five-speed mechanical transmission eliminates hydraulic leak opportunities on playing surfaces

+ Drive tire core deflectors eliminate running over cores from the previous pass

+ Simple no-tool depth adjustment rests on coring head frame for consistent depth

+ Electrohydraulic lift system allows lifting the coring head without the engine running

+ Coring head located between the drive tires for maximum contour-following capabilities without any additional linkages

+ Narrow, 80-cm (31.5-in.) coring width promotes consistent hole depth on undulating greens

+ Powerful 25-hp*(18.6-kW) gas engine provides plenty of power for aerating and verticutting simultaneously


HorsepowerAT 3600 rpm: 18.6 kW
25 hp
Engine Manufacturer Gross Power per SAE J1940. Tested in accoradance with SAE J1995. The engine hp and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer for comparison purposes only. Actual operating hp and torque will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturer's website for additional information
Displacement725 cc
44.2 cu in.
Fuel capacity18.9 L
5 U.S. gal.
Fuel mixtureRegular unleaded, leaded
IgnitionSolid State
Air filterOne dual element

Transmission (Coring)

1st gearMechanical
2nd gearMechanical
3rd gearMechanical
4th gearMechanical

Transmission (Transport)

Speed5.6 km/h
3.5 mph


One steer tire20x10-10, 55-69 kPa
20x10-10, 8-10 psi
Two drive tires20x10-10, 55-69 kPa
20x10-10, 8-10 psi

Coring Swath

Swath width800.1 mm
31.5 in.

Coring Head Drive

TypeMatched dual V-belts

Lift System

TypeElectro-hydraulic, electric pump, single hydraulic actuator; does not require engine to be running to lift/lower


1st gear11,025 sq ft/hr
1024 sq m/hr
2nd gear15,750 sq ft/hr
1440 sq m/hr
3rd gear20,710 sq ft/hr
1933 sq m/hr
4th gear22,835 sq ft/hr
2123 sq m/hr

Coring Depth

Range of depthUp to 88.9 mm
3.5 in.

Coring Patterns

1st gearWith mini tines: 36x36 mm
1.4x1.4 in.
2nd gear50x50 mm
2.0x2.0 in.
3rd gear65x50 mm
2.6x2.0 in.
4th gear75x50 mm
2.9x2.0 in.

Operator Presence System



Weight595 kg
1312 lb
Height990 mm
39 in.
Width1473 mm
58 in.
Length2134 mm
84 in.

Sound Levels

Operator earWith tines only: 85 dBA
With tines and verticutter: 86 dBA
Measuring standardISO 11201
Attachments installedTines; verticutter

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