John Deere ProGator™ 2020A GPS PrecisionSprayer

  • 34-hp, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled gas engine
  • AutoTrac™ Guidance System 
  • Indivdual nozzle control
  • StarFire 6000 receiver, latest in signal processing technology
  • Easy to learn 4640 Universal Display


+ Powerful 34-hp (25.4-kW)*, 970-cc automotive-grade EFI gas engine for heavy-duty work

+ Flip up seats

+ Hydraulically actuated front and rear disk brakes for plenty of stopping power

+ ProGator™ roof kit with mirror and rear panel kit

+ Air cleaner position and indicator

+ Tier IV compliant engine

+ Easy-to-use cargo box with optional bedliner for tough hauling tasks

+ Over two tons of payload capacity to handle the toughest tasks

+ Model year 2017 ProGator 2020A and 2030A updates with feature improvements

+ Zero grease points on two-wheel drive (2WD) machines for quick and easy maintenance

+ Optional multi-mode throttle control yields precise application of chemical, topdressing, and fertilizer

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