MCLAUGHLIN Eco 50 Series

The ECO50 Series of truck mounted vacuum excavators are the skid mounted version of the Industry leading Vermeer VX50 Trailer Vacuum Excavator platform. It can be mounted on a 14 foot truck bed with a GVW rating of 26,000 lbs. while the ECO50-800 is commonly mounted on a 16 foot truck bed with a GVW rating of 33,000 lbs. This particular series is equipped with a Tier 4 final Kubota diesel powerpack, powering a 1,025 high cfm vacuum blower and a 5.6 gpm water pump capable of 3,000 psi. operating pressure making this excavator an ideal choice for compact jobsites, production potholing, setting power poles or fluid management using directional drilling operations. The ECO50 Series can be mounted on a contractors choice of a single axle truck chassis allowing contractors the ability to tow additional equipment to the jobsites keeping their vacuum operations compact and maneuverable. Keeping with the versatility, this truck is EU Compliant and comes available in both 500 gallon & 800 gallon configurations.
  • Patented high lift "cam-over" external hydraulic door
  • Three-stage cyclonic filtration
  • Patented in tank washdown
  • Auto belt tensioners
  • The economical choice
MCLAUGHLIN Eco 50 Series