The MEGA VX200 is a truck mounted vacuum excavator that features a 200-horsepower (149 kW) John Deere Tier 3 engine, a 3-stage cyclonic filtration system and spoil tank capacities ranging from 1,200 to 3,000 gallons (4,542.5 to 11,356.2 L) with the standard option of 800 gallons (3,028.3 L) of fresh water. It has a 6-inch (15.2 cm) hose diameter and a 3200cfm (90.6 m3/min) blower at 18 inches of mercury. The tank, power pack and water system all have a modular design — versatility that allows a contractor to mount the unit on either a new or a re-purposed truck chassis.

The MEGA VX200 6-inch series was designed after listening to customers who said they wanted a vacuum excavator for their potholing jobs and fluid management needs that fills a gap between smaller trailer-mounted vacuum excavators and the largest truck-mounted units.

  • 3-stage cyclonic filtration
  • Patented "cam-over" hydraulic rear door
  • Full function remote-control
  • Larger Hose Diameter
  • Vacuum Neutral Mode
  • Modular Design