A Message to our Customers Regarding COVID-19

RDO Equipment Co. continues to operate in all locations during the COVID-19 pandemic because our business—keeping farmers and those involved in infrastructure and energy production up and running—is designated as essential by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

We’ve enjoyed partnering with you during good times and we’ve proudly stood next to you during difficult times. COVID-19 has us all on edge. There are many unknowns out there making it difficult to fully predict the impact. One thing’s for sure, we’re with you.

Our teams are working hard to keep our employees healthy and safe. We also want you to know our stores are open and prepared to serve you. We are joining you and other responsible businesses to do our part to help flatten the curve while being there when you need us most.

Many customers have been asking questions about our operations. The following are the latest updates on our stores and how we can continue to work together. Changes will be made frequently, so please bookmark this page to ensure you have the latest information. 

UPDATED 2020-09-09 - 14:30:00 CST

Parts Purchases

Your first and best option for parts purchasing is to call your local store .

Order Parts Online:

MyDealer portal:

Our MyDealer portal allows you to search and order parts online.


If you have questions about MyDealer, please call 701-551-5420 or email MyDealerHelp@RDOequipment.com.

RDO Marketplace:

Buy everything from lawn mower blades to rotary lasers on RDOmarketplace.com and have them shipped direct.

Additional online parts resources:

Create your MyVermeer account for access to equipment manuals 

Order Parts by Phone:

Please call your local store to purchase parts, or you can contact our Parts Support Center as a second option.

Parts Support Center:

Phone: 844-736-7278
Email: AllPartsSupportCenter@RDOequipment.com

Minimal Contact Parts Fulfillment:

When placing your order, please indicate how you would like your parts order fulfilled. We offer the following options:

Curbside delivery for pickup
Drop box placement for pickup
Shipping to your business
Delivery may be offered in your location. Contact your local store.

Equipment Service Requests

Your first and best option for equipment service and repair is to call your local store .

Request Service Online:

Our MyDealer portal or this Request Service form allows you to request service online. As noted above, complete this form to secure your free MyDealer account online .

Request Service by Phone:

Please call your local store to request service, or you can contact our Service Support Centers below as a second option.


Agriculture Service Support:

Phone: 844-551-0391
Email: AGtechHelp@RDOequipment.com

Construction Service Support:

Phone: 844-477-8100 
Email: CEtechHelp@RDOequipment.com

Vermeer Service Support:

Phone: 844-464-9370 
Email: VermeerTechHelp@RDOequipment.com

Precision Agriculture Support:

Phone: 844-866-9330
Email: PrecisionAgHelp@RDOequipment.com

Connected Support (Telematics):

Phone: 844-551-0390
Email: ConnectedSupport@RDOequipment.com

Technology Service Requests

Your first and best option for integrated controls service and repair is to call your local RDO Integrated Controls store.

RDO Integrated Controls Solutions Center:

Phone: 877-907-3642

Online: Complete our service request form 


Equipment Sales

Farm, Construction and Industrial Equipment Sales

Your first and best option for purchasing equipment is to contact your account manager or call 844-551-5591. We provide several options to make this equipment shopping experience easy for you, including detailed equipment photos, walk around videos and full inspection records – all available upon request. You can also see our full used equipment inventory at https://www.rdoequipment.com/equipment/used.

The work you do is essential, so we also have a number of unique benefits and offers and help during these challenging times. Learn more about these offers. Finally, you can have a sales team contact you by completing our Contact Us form

Lawn and Garden Equipment Sales

Buy online now for a touch-free buying experience with e-sign document services. The majority of John Deere riding lawn equipment, compact tractors, Gator utility vehicles and their most commonly purchased attachments are available. Buy online by October 30, 2020, for free delivery to your home or property. Click the button to select your state and store.

Buy Online Button


Proactive Measures

COVID-19 Proactive Measures Infographic


Our customers and team members are family to us and we’re fully committed to keeping them safe and healthy. Here are a few measures we’re taking to uphold that commitment and to provide extra care and consideration to team members during this time.

   Additional paid sick leave so our team members can stay home if they are ill.
   Flexible work schedules so our team members can take care of kids when schools are closed and also keep up with our customer needs.
Additional deep cleaning for our stores and facilities.
   Adopting safe social distancing practices that keep us working but not too closely together.

We ask you to understand if we don’t greet you with a warm handshake as we normally would – but know we are still glad to see you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Operations and General Questions


Is RDO Equipment Co. considered an essential business?      

Because you depend on us to keep you moving forward on the crucial work you do, we’re here to serve you. Pursuant to Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21), RDO Equipment Co. is a critical infrastructure supplier, designated by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the Department of Homeland Security. 

Is my store still open?      

As an essential business supporting key infrastructure services and the ongoing security of our food supply, we’re committed to keeping our stores open. Keep in mind that shelter in place ordinances are effective in several regions, which is why we’re encouraging parts ordering, service, and support via our website and over the phone. Additionally, we are taking substantial steps within our stores to keep them clean and ensure social distancing practices. Please visit your local store’s page for hours and contact info.

What are my store hours?
Store hours vary by location and situation. Until further notice, all stores will remain operational, but we will adjust if the circumstances change. Please visit your local store page for current hours. 

What is my store contact information if I have a question?
Please find your local store contact info by visiting your local store's page

Where can I find the most up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation?
We will be keeping our main COVID-19 page as updated as possible with store announcements, event cancellations, and other important information. Bookmark this page to see all our updates.

Parts, Service and Equipment Questions

What options do I have to get parts without coming into the store? 
In efforts to practice minimal contact parts fulfillment, you’re encouraged to place parts orders online via MyDealer, by email, or over the phone. Fulfillment options offered include the following:

Curbside delivery for pickup
Drop box placement for pickup
Shipping to your business
Delivery may be offered in your location.

Contact the parts department at your local store for details.

Can I still go into my local store to pick up parts?
Yes, however, we’d like to make you aware of a few changes we’re implementing:

In addition to more extensive cleaning and a diligent focus on hygiene, we’re allowing for a safe six-foot distance between you and our parts team
All stores temporarily have a single point of entry to showrooms

Can I still get field service for my machine?
Yes. Please know that in an effort to protect the health of our Field Service Technicians, you will be asked to answer a few questions prior to us dispatching a Field Service Technician to your site. 

Can I still schedule service for my machine at my local store?
Yes, our service departments remain open and you can schedule service.

Are your stores still selling equipment?
Yes. While our stores are open, you’re encouraged to search for equipment on our site first then call your account manager or submit a Contact Us form and a member of our sales team will contact you. We provide several options to make this equipment shopping experience easy for you, including detailed equipment photos, walk around videos and full inspection records – all available upon request. Our full inventory of used equipment is also available to view at https://www.rdoequipment.com/equipment/used.

Will there be any disruption in the supply and availability of parts and equipment?
As of now, we are well stocked with parts and equipment and we have not yet experienced a disruption in our supply chain. We will make any announcements if we do foresee or experience any disruptions or delays in deliveries.

Do you offer video conferencing services for customers in the field or on the job site?
Yes. Video conferencing services are supported by our Centralized Parts and Service teams. Contact the appropriate customer service team listed below for details.

Customer Support Questions

Are my centralized support centers still operating?
Yes, these services continue to operate. If you have a question or a need, please contact any of the support functions: 

Agriculture Service Support:

Phone: 844-551-0391
Email: AGtechHelp@RDOequipment.com

Construction Service Support:

Phone: 844-477-8100 
Email: CEtechHelp@RDOequipment.com

Vermeer Service Support:

Phone: 844-464-9370 
Email: VermeerTechHelp@RDOequipment.com

Precision Agriculture Support:

Phone: 844-866-9330
Email: PrecisionAgHelp@RDOequipment.com

Connected Support (Telematics):

Phone: 844-551-0390
Email: ConnectedSupport@RDOequipment.com