Irrigation Design

Irrigation Systems, Design and Installation

Water conservation in the agriculture industry has never been more important. California’s drought over the past few years has brought much attention to this topic from two standpoints:

  • Growers are demanding new, water-saving irrigation options
  • The industry’s leading irrigation companies must find solution

RDO Water is solving these challenges through new designs and technology. The company also remains committed to the ongoing education of its employees to ensure the best service for customers, as well as the most economical and environmentally-responsible solutions.

Better Methods

From surface drip irrigation to micro-sprinkler designs, new methods are challenging traditional flood irrigation practices. These emerging options tout, not only their water-savings, but added benefits like reductions to labor, more efficient use of materials and less overall cost. RDO Water’s certified designers and engineer evaluate the options with each customer to determine the best option.

New Technology

Beyond determining the most economical irrigation design for each customer, the RDO Water team employs the latest technology, such as Automation Systems for irrigation management, field monitoring and systems control.

SUB-DRIP GREEN HOUSE RASPBERRIESThese complete systems offer:

  • Monitoring
    • Pump
    • Pressure
    • Water Consumption
  • Injection and Control
    • Acid
    • Fertilizer
    • EC
  • Weather Station Capabilities
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Radiation
    • Wind Direction and Speed


    Additional advantages include irrigation scheduling, filter flushing, remote cellular control, substrate automation and logging.

    Full Service Means Full Service

    Not all companies offer a complete scope of irrigation services, including design, installation, and parts and service. RDO Water does.

    RDO Water’s designers and engineer are certified by the International Irrigation Association. The team’s combined expertise covers various irrigation designs, including Subsurface Drip, Substrate Drip, Surface Drip, Micro-Sprinkler, Drip, Greenhouse and Permanent Drip, featuring dripper line/on line drippers.

    Whether a complete system is needed or just select components, and regardless if it’s purchased or rented, full system installation is provided by RDO Water and serviced by the team’s skilled service technicians. This ensures proper operation and that downtime doesn’t add to the day’s challenges.

    Finally, RDO Water offers added support through partnerships with the industry’s top manufacturers. Crucial irrigation products like drip tape, pipe fittings and filters are offered at all eight locations throughout California and Arizona.

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