Rental Pipe, Products and Systems

From select products to complete irrigation systems, rent everything from one single, trusted source. RDO Water offers rental solutions for every application, including:

  • Crop Irrigation and Germination
  • Fire Prevention and Dust Control
  • Agricultural and Industrial

Alluminum PipePipe

The grower standard, Aluminum Pipe is available for rental at all locations. Leak-free Certa-Loc PVC Pipe is offered at select stores as an alternative to traditional aluminum. PVC is easy to move, making it ideal on construction sites and in high vehicle/traffic areas. Yellow Mine Pipe is also offered at select locations.

Filtration SystemFiltration Systems

Available in various sizes for drip and subsurface drip applications, all systems are recommended for each customer by an RDO Water irrigation engineer and include a sand load test.


Booster PumpBooster Pumps

Booster Pumps offered in sizes up to 4,500 GPM delivery. Both electric and diesel options available. Complete pumping systems may be rented as well, and include a suction hose and basket, dog leg and screen filter.

Rental products available individually or as complete systems. All are custom, recommended by an RDO Water irrigation engineer.

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