Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

Feel Confident In The Performance Of Your Irrigation System By Trusting Your Local MVI Experts.

MVI offers a wide range of quality products and corresponding parts to ensure your equipment is always running to its full potential.  We stock a complete line of pumps, pipe, underground wire, traveling guns, chemigation injection systems and more to offer the most efficient water delivery options possible. Whether your need is for pipe and fittings to install yourself or a complete irrigation system design and expert installation, we are here to serve you.

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Available Parts

Pivot Sprinkler irrigating a field

Pivot Sprinklers

Meet your irrigation challenges head on with greater water efficiency. MVI has the sprinkler solutions you need to save water and money. We have a wide range of efficient sprinkler options in stock and experts available to help.

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MVI provides quality pumps for efficient irrigation operations. Pumps types include submersible, centrifugal, and turbine. Our pumping systems are tested for reliability and designed to work efficiently with modern irrigation systems.        

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chemigatoin injection

Fertigation Injection Systems

When you chemigate through your pivots, you provide precise fertilizers, soil amendments, and pesticides through irrigation water. Fertigation is efficient; minimizing spend, reducing labor, and conserving energy and materials.

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Traveling Guns

KIFCO traveling guns offer adaptability of providing water to your crops when a center pivot will not work in your operation. Using traveling guns with a center pivot enables you to cover a larger area for optimal coverage. 

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blue pipe

PVC Pipe

Irrigation PVC pipe is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of modern agricultural irrigation systems. PVC is durable, inexpensive, and available in multiple forms. It is the ideal solution for transporting water to your field.

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underground wire

Underground Wire

These cables are designed for the wiring of central control systems and field controls where harsh conditions may be encountered. Irrigation wire is a key component of successful irrigation systems.                                                 

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Don't See What You Are Looking For?

No Problem! Our experts at MVI are able to special order select parts to fulfill your needs. If you are unsure of what is needed for your project, we can give our best recommendation. At MVI, we are always looking out for the best interest of our customers.

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