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damaged valley irrigation equipment unit

Protect Your Investment


MVI offers Diversified Agrisurance: the largest insurer of mechanized irrigation equipment in the nation. Give yourself piece of mind this harvest season. Protect your equipment, and investment, against lightening, theft, wind, fire, and other unfortunate events.

As the only irrigation equipment supplier in the area that offers insurance, we are your one call when a loss happens. We file your claim while getting your equipment back up and working, saving you from making multiple phone calls and costly downtime.

To learn more about the services offered, request more information below, or call 218-212-9592.

Coverage and Estimated Pricing

MVI Insurance Offering vs. Standard Farm and Ranch policy comparison image

*Added by Endorsement (ask us for details)

Examples for coverage in Minnesota

Rates per $100 of coverage:

 $500.00 $1000.00 $2500.00
Irrigation Unit $1.55 $1.29 $1.15



 $1.37 $1.14 $1.02


 $500.00 $1000.00 $2500.00

Irrigation Unit insured for $75,000

 $1,162.50 $967.50 $862.50
Ancillary Equipment insured for $5,000  $68.50 $57.00 $51.00
 Total Premium $1231.00 $1024.50 $913.50


Note: Includes optional coverage for structured damage caused by a mechanical or electrical failure. This coverage is available on the irrigation unit only.


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