Valley Center Pivots

Feel Confident In The Performance Of Your Irrigation System By Trusting Your Local MVI Experts.

MVI™ is an authorized Valley® center pivot irrigation dealer.  Valley is the market leader in precision irrigation due to their extensive engineering and field testing. Their center pivots are designed to handle any operating stresses your machine may experience ranging from rough terrain, deep furrows, and long-span machines. Center pivots are designed to more efficiently use water resources by adjust water use based on the speed of the system. They also work in conjunction with chemigation systems to precisely provide fertilizers, soil amendments, and pesticides to your crop.  When you purchase through MVI, you will have access to a team of experts available for any assistance you may need including, design, installation, winterization, and repairs.

To learn more about Valley® Center Pivots, visit Valley Irrigation  or, call 218-212-9592.

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Center Pivot Series

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8000 Series Center Pivot

Known as the "Cadillac" of the pivot industry, the Valley 8000 series center pivot will provide precision irrigation to your farming operation regardless of the size of your field.

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7000 Series Center Pivot

The Valley 7000  series center pivot is known for its reliability, durability performance, and affordability. "Easy on your pocketbook, perfect for your field".

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5000 Series Center Pivot

The Valley 5000 series center pivot matches the quality and efficiency of the 8000 series but is specifically designed for smaller fields, up to 60 acres.

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