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Pivot sprinkler head irrigating a field

Choose 1 of 3 great offers when you buy a new Valley machine by Sept. 27, 2019

As low as 3.99% financing for 5 years* 
$0 down, 12 months before first payment
See dealer for more information.

As low as 4.99% financing for 7 years* 
$0 down, 18 months before first payment
See dealer for more information.


FREE GPS Position with End Pressure Monitoring*
($1,350 value) Available with ICON panel purchase.

Enhance your advanced ICON control technology. Pinpoint position accuracy for field management operations, saving time and money. Measure end pressure to ensure maximum water uniformity.


FREE Field Commander with End Pressure Monitoring*
($1,500 value) Available with Classic or Classic Plus purchase. Remote management subscription not included.

Turns your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer into a “Virtual Control Panel,” providing you real-time information. Monitor end pressure to ensure accurate water application and uniformity.

*Listed financing options only available in the United States. Buyer has the choice of one of the following offers: 3.99% interest for 5 years (12 months before first payment) or 4.99% interest for 7 years (18 months before first payment), $0 down payment, or, a Free GPS Position with end pressure monitoring, or a Free Field Commander with end pressure monitoring. Offer applies to the purchase of a new 7000 or 8000 series machine with three drive units or more and includes a pivot point/linear cart, control panel and sprinkler package. Rates are based on 7 drive unit machine at $70,000 financed. Offer ends September 27, 2019. Machine must be delivered by October 4, 2019 to qualify. 


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