Valley Remote Management

Feel Confident In The Performance Of Your Irrigation System By Trusting Your Local MVI Experts.

Remote management systems allow users to monitor and control irrigation equipment more effectively.  This advanced technology allows more freedom by controlling your equipment via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Valley and MVI now offer AgSense: More remote managed irrigation than all other brands combined. "AgSense gives you tools to save time. Save water. Save money. And save yourself from guesswork. It all leads to a competitive advantage you'll wish you knew about sooner".

To learn more about remote management systems and AgSense, visit Valley Irrigation or call 218-212-9592.

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Remote Management Solutions


Valley BaseStation3

Remotely manage all center pivots, solid set, subsurface, linears, pumps, gensets and soil moisture, without driving to the field.  Control systems using a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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AgSense puts you in the driver's seat by helping you keep tabs on your entire operation including variable rate irrigation, agronomic integration, precision irrigation management, historical reporting, and more.

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Run time

Valley Run Time

Keep track of your pivot run time at any time using the free Valley Irrigation Run Time mobile app. Allows growers to see pivot irrigation cycle time completion, when each machine is running, and tentative completion time.

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