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Agriculture Technology Podcast: Ryan Pehle, RDO Water

Ryan Pehle, RDO Water, on the Agriculture Technology Podcast

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From raising cattle and alfalfa on the family farm to now working with modern irrigation and precision ag technology, Ryan Pehle has experience in several areas of agriculture, as well as the processes and best practices that go into a successful operation. As Operations Manager for RDO Water’s Central Coast, California region, one of his main areas of focus today is drip irrigation systems. 

Host Tony Kramer invited Ryan on the podcast to talk about what goes into each grower’s unique drip irrigation system, including RDO Water’s role in designing, installing, and working with growers to operate and maintain the systems. They also touched on some of the unique ways Ryan and his team partner with other RDO team members and offerings, including using UAVs and Topcon technology from RDO Integrated Controls.

To play this episode find Ep. 59 Irrigation Technology In Agriculture in the podcast player below and select play. 

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Host Tony Kramer is a Product Specialist Supervisor at RDO Equipment Co. To contact Tony with questions or about being a guest on the podcast, find him on Twitter at @RDOTonyK.