What to Ask When Renting Equipment

The Important Questions to Ask When Renting Equipment

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A specialized machine for a one-time job. Minimizing fleet management. Eliminating service and storage concerns. There are several reasons to rent equipment.

Once the decision has been made to pursue a rental machine, here are seven questions to ask the rental professional at your local RDO Equipment Co. store or other trusted rental outlet.

1. What machine do I need?
Skid steer or compact track loader? Excavator or mini-excavator? There’s no shortage of the types of machines available to rent, each with various options and in a variety of sizes. Some customers know exactly what make and model machine they want, while others aren’t sure where to start. No matter which group you fall into, it’s a good idea to ask for help.

The rental professionals at trusted dealership like RDO Equipment Co. ask questions to understand each customer’s need, then advise the best machine. Even a customer who enters the store with a specific machine in mind to rent will benefit from the conversation, as technology presents an opportunity that may not have been considered. Equipment can be equipped with features like GPS machine control or automation technology.

2. How long can I rent a machine?
One person may be interested in renting a machine for a few weeks while others are looking to do so for several months. Rental agreements typically can be put together to match a specific timeframe need but it’s still a question that should be asked, as additional variables come into play with interest in extending agreements or eventually purchasing rental equipment.

Rental agreements with RDO Equipment Co., while set up to establish a projected timeframe for the rental, are flexible if there’s interest in extending. A project takes longer than anticipated. A machine worked well and there’s interest in using it on another job. These are just two examples of why extending a rental agreement may be requested and, in most cases, accommodated.

3. So…could I even purchase a rental machine?
Many customers start out renting a machine and decide it’s worth the investment to purchase. If this is something you might be interested in, or even if you don’t go into the agreement with any intent to buy, it’s a good idea to ask about this option, in the event long-term plans change.

In these cases, RDO Equipment Co. offers a rent-to-purchase option. A store’s rental professional can provide details on the program for each customer and machine ofQuote1_RentalQs_Mar19_jpg_eMTa1s_b interest.

4. How will the machine be transported to my site?
Transporting heavy equipment isn’t something many companies are capable of doing on their own. Even for a company with the necessary equipment and team to move a machine from the lot and to the jobsite, doing so might not be the best use of time and resources. It’s important to understand the cost of transport so be sure to ask how it’s included in the rental agreement.

RDO Equipment Co., for example, has delivery trucks and professional drivers on staff, as well as partnerships with trucking companies, to offer equipment transport on all rental agreements.

5. Am I responsible for maintenance?
Daily, weekly, and longer-term preventative maintenance is one of the best investments in a machine, and key to avoiding downtime. It’s necessary to find out who’s responsible for this important aspect of equipment management on a rental machine.

All RDO Equipment Co. rental customers are expected to perform basic, daily preventative maintenance, while the company is responsible for detailed inspections and repairs. Further enhancing uptime, many John Deere machines are equipped with JDLink for machine tracking and monitoring, with RDO Equipment Co.’s Connected Support team able to monitor and address potential machine issues before they become big problems.

6. What kind of insurance do I need?
Insurance is a must-have for all companies that operate equipment and the specific requirements may vary from one equipment dealership or rental company to another.

RDO Equipment Co. requires proof of General Liability and Property insurance for demo, loaner, rental, and rental purchase agreements. Additional details on insurance requirements are available here or can be discussed with a rental professional.

7. When will I be billed?
There’s nothing worse than an unexpected expense. While you know a regular payment is expected when renting equipment, knowing when to expect the bill is an important piece of the cash flow management puzzle.

RDO Equipment Co. bills rental customers every four weeks. Because it’s easy to assume billing is done monthly, this is an important questions to ask and a simple one, too.

Furthermore, every company has additional costs built into their rental agreements, such as taxes and fees, so it’s important to ask about all costs related to a rental to have the full picture of what’s being charged.Quote2_RentalQs_Mar19_jpg_UYp44dZC

Especially for first-time renters, many questions may come to mind when entering into an equipment rental agreement. These seven questions are a basic starting point for all to feel comfortable with the process and have a positive rental experience.


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