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Get to know: Hi-Vac

Get to Know our Partners – Hi-Vac Corporation

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RDO Equipment Co. is proud to partner with nearly 150 manufacturers, ensuring customers have access to the best equipment, products, and total solutions from trusted companies.

Find out more about what these partners offers – everything from construction and agriculture machines to machine control and irrigation systems – by getting to know one of them: Hi-Vac Corporation.

A manufacturer of high-performance truck-mounted hydro excavation and sewer cleaning equipment, Hi-Vac’s customers span industries from utilities to construction to oilfields. Dan Coley, Hi-Vac Corporation President, talks about the successful partnership the company has established in just two years with RDO Equipment Co. and RDO Vermeer – and even how the RDO team has played a role in new features and improvements to products.

How long have Hi-Vac and RDO Equipment Co. / RDO Vermeer been partners?
The relationship officially started in July of 2016, after an extensive review by the folks at Vermeer in Pella, IA. They assessed their current lineup of hydro excavation products and decided that they needed to find a partner to address the larger, high-performance truck-mounted market. Hi-Vac is proud to offer our X-Vac line of hydro excavators through the RDO Vermeer team and we could not be happier about our partnership.

Rumor has it there’s a feature on one of your products named after an RDO Vermeer team member…is this true?
It is! The RDO Vermeer sales team understands the hydro excavation markets and the struggles that customers often deal with. Ken Hugen, Steve Rosenow, and the entire sales team provide us with constant customer feedback and how we can improve our products to support the customer. We even named a roll-up door that protects the control panel the “Rosenow Door” after Steve gave us feedback from his customers.

Please talk about the key industries Hi-Vac serves and what some of those customers do.

First, the Utility Market: These customers are gas supplier / distribution companies, gas distribution service companies, water suppliers, and electric supplier / distribution companies.

Hydro excavation equipment is used to dig in areas where buried utilities are located and could be damaged by conventional digging methods such as backhoes, shovels, and loaders. The X-Vac products can dig hundreds of feet away from the truck and deliver “surgical” dig sites. Many electrical distribution companies even use the X-Vac to dig holes to set the power poles.

Second, the Construction Market: We serve construction and excavation companies of all types.

When building roads bridges buildings in urban areas where buried utilities are located hydro excavation is used to provide the same safe digging methods that are used in the utility markets.

Third, the Oilfield Market: These customers are oil field service companies.

Hydro excavators such as our X-Vac products are used in the oilfields for tank cleaning and the installation of piping.

Single out one or two machines in the Hi-Vac lineup – what’s one thing unique or exciting about them?
The X-13 and X-8 offer the ability to have the highest legal payload while not compromising on the performance of the equipment

What’s something you think employees would say about working at Hi-Vac?
I think our team knows that Hi-Vac is as dedicated to them as we are to our customers. The term “family” is often overused but very appropriate here at Hi-Vac. We are located in a small town, Marietta Ohio, and have about 200 people dedicated to the products that we make and the customers that we serve.

Because of its tight-knit and agile group, Hi-Vac as grown significantly in the sewer cleaning and hydro excavation industries. The team hopes to continue to increase the power, payload, and performance of its equipment, while keeping the product as simple to maintain and operate as possible.


To learn more about Hi-Vac equipment from RDO Equipment Co., contact your local RDO Equipment Co. / RDO Vermeer store. Visit the Hi-Vac website to learn more about the company and see its full equipment lineup. You can also connect with Hi-Vac on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

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