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Compact Construction Equipment: Small and Mighty Machines Are More Popular Than Ever

Compact Construction Equipment: Small and Mighty Machines Are More Popular Than Ever

24 May 2021 Read time: 3 min

Story written for AGC of Minnesota and first appeared in April 2021

Compact excavators. Skid steers. Compact track loaders. Within the past five years, have you added more of these machines to your fleet? If the answer is “yes” you are not alone.

Once considered support equipment, nice to have but secondary to heavy equipment counterparts, compact construction machines have earned their place in equipment fleets of all sizes. Not only have they become more sought after because of their proven capabilities, their flexibility and lower cost of entry has helped them continue to grow in popularity, with last year being especially strong for compact construction equipment sales.

If you are planning to add compact construction equipment to your fleet this year, here are three things to keep in mind to ensure you get the right fit for your needs.

Productivity and Versatility
Compact construction equipment is small in size but big in power and production. It has built respect and is growing in popularity because of what the machines can accomplish. The force behind their production is the wide range of available attachments.

At RDO Equipment Co., we see that compact construction machines, compact track loaders and skid steers in particular, are sold with at least two attachments. Whether a simple bucket or forks, or more specialized options like augers, breakers, and power rakes, attachments allow one machine to perform multiple jobs, eliminating the need for extra machines.

Watch RDO expert, Dan Stong to see the most popular attachments and how easy it is to switch attachments on a compact machine.

Better Than Rental
Rental is a common point of entry to compact construction equipment, especially for smaller companies or those just starting out. One common misconception we hear about rental is companies perceive it as throwing away money.

RDO offers rent to purchase (RPO) options, giving companies a chance to earn equity in a rental machine they intend to permanently add to the fleet. While standard weekly, monthly, or other flexible rental agreements are offered for companies that are not interested in purchasing, those that may be should ask about the RPO option.   

Find the Right One
Finding compact construction equipment may be challenging because of its popularity. Used machines sell quickly and new machines are a bit tougher to get. It is a good idea for buyers to start their search early to be in the best position to get the machine they want.  

When a potential machine is found, request a demo. This is something we at RDO, not only provide, but strongly encourage. We have a dedicated sales team focused on compact construction equipment so, whether specialized or general use, they know the applications and can help every contractor make the right choice.

The ultimate goal we have for all companies is to find the right machines that fit their needs.


About the Author
John Weber is General Manager of RDO Equipment Co. in Dayton and Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

Learn more about compact construction equipment and the full lineup of Construction Equipment from RDO and John Deere. See more equipment for sale and rent at your local RDO Equipment Co. store.


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