What is Connected Support?

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How Does Connected Support Work for You?

RDO Equipment Co. has a team dedicated to watching for machine health alerts to help you protect your investment and keep you up and running. Sometimes it helps to have an extra set of eyes on your side doing one thing and one thing only: watching the health and performance of your machines while they work. Here's how it works:

  1. A machine health alert is sent from the machine to the RDO Equipment Co. Machine Health Monitoring Center and the alert will be evaluated.
  2. Depending upon the type and severity of the alert, the team member monitoring the alert will reach out to the customer directly or the customer's service team to determine a solution and prevent any potential issues. 



What Else Can Connected Support Do for You?



Move beyond tracking the health of your machines and proactively monitor and control how your machines are being used.


On your connected machines, you can:

  1. Preventative maintenance monitoring: Let us notify you when your machine is due for service (JDLinkTM).
  2. Service adviser remote: We can upgrade your machine's software remotely (JDLinkTM).
  3. Expert alerts: (JDLinkTM).
  4. Geo-fence: Receive an alert when your equipment moves beyond an authorized area (JDLinkTM or RDO Connect).
  5. Location: Quickly look up the current location of any machine in your fleet (JDLinkTM or RDO Connect).
  6. Hours: Quickly look up the current hours on any of your machines (JDLinkTM or RDO Connect).
  7. Curfews: Place a time curfew on any of your machines to prevent unauthorized use (JDLinkTM or RDO Connect).

Learn How to Maximize Uptime with the Connected Machine

I'm Interested in the following support offerings:

Perhaps the most powerful reason to choose RDO Equipment Co. is our complete support for you and your machines. Connected Support will help minimize your downtime and protect your equipment investment. 

The result is healthier equipment, reduced costs, and more productivity - for you. 

Want to find a Connected Support package that works best for you?  See our Connected Support Packages or call 844-818-0257  to learn more.