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Agriculture Technology Podcast: Field Trials at the NDSCS Land Lab Pt. 2

Agriculture Technology Podcast: Field Trials At The NDSCS Land Lab Pt. 2

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In part 2 of this series, Host Tony Kramer continues his conversation with Jake Mauer, an agronomist with RDO Equipment Co., about the team's involvement with the Land Lab at North Dakota State College of Science.

The primary objective of the Land Lab is to reinforce agriculture education at the college. RDO Equipment Co. helped the program by providing the equipment and expertise needed to plant fields and also implemented several field trials to test new technology and provide the college and students with real data.

What did they learn from year one? Take a listen to find out.

To play this episode, look for Ep. 83 Field Trials at the NDSCS Land Lab Pt 2 in the podcast player below and select play. 


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