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Three RDO Employees standing in front of a John Deere Tractor parked outside RDO Moorhead

Autonomous Farming In Action with Precision Agriculture

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When thinking about autonomous farming, what comes to mind? Big driverless tractors? Drones swarming above farm fields?

Most often, visions of a fully-autonomous farm have one thing in common: the absence of people. RDO Equipment Co. and its precision agriculture team have a different idea; a vision that combines people who know precision agriculture technology and those who understand the science of crop production. And they’re pairing the two at a unique project in partnership with the North Dakota State College of Science: the Kosel Family Agriculture Land Lab.

Find out more about RDO’s commitment to the future of precision agriculture and agronomy through the Land Lab. Read the full story from the May issue of Fargo INC magazine.

And be sure to follow along with RDO team members, @RDOJacobM and @RDOTonyK all season at the NDSCS Agriculture Land Lab, as they work to create learning opportunities for students and apply precision agriculture technology in a real-world farm setting.