Debra McGinty

Director of Learning and Development, - FSO – Fargo, 10 years

In her decade with RDO Equipment Co., Debra has seen her department and the company grow significantly. While she has enjoyed and embraced the way things have changed throughout the years, she’s equally excited about the ways some things haven’t.

1. What do you remember about your first day(s) with RDO Equipment Co.?
One of my memories is from two months into the job. I put on my very first training for RDO – for the Leadership team, whom I did not know at the time. I was a little anxious, but it went well and they have supported learning and development the entire time I’ve been with the company.

2. What’s one big change from those early days to today?
When I started, I was a department of one. Now we have a team, the Learning Portal, and the depth and breadth of what we’re able to offer our colleagues throughout the company has grown.

With that, one thing that hasn’t changed is our focus on customers and serving the field. That was one of the reasons I was drawn to RDO Equipment Co. and why I’ve stayed for 10 years.

3. What’s different about RDO Equipment Co. compared to other industry companies?
At every company I previously worked for, the majority of training dollars were allocated for organizational leadership. At RDO Equipment Co., we invest in all team members, including the training available from our manufacturing partners. The skill level and knowledge of our customer-facing team members is remarkable and something we can be proud of.

I also believe our stakeholder management focus differentiates us from other organizations – it serves as a compass and points us in the right direction in most situations.

4. RDO Equipment Co. is diverse in locations – what’s unique about working at the Field Support Office (FSO)?
Our team members in the field are focused on their location, region, and customers. My team has the privilege of working with every team member in the field, in different stores and different regions. The day-to-day connection with team members in the field is very rewarding.

5. What makes you excited about the next 10, 25, or 50 years for RDO Equipment Co.?
I’m passionate about employee and customer engagement. As technology evolves, it’s great for our business and our customers’ businesses, but it can sometimes result in people being less connected to one another. Engaged customers and team members are those who feel an emotional connection to us. Balancing the importance of technology and relationships is both exciting and challenging.

6. One of the unique pieces of the RDO Equipment Co. puzzle is Core Values – what’s your favorite Core Value and why?

We Do What We Say
It is my favorite because it aligns to my own personal values and it is very important for me to follow through on commitments I make.  

7. Just for fun, if you could be any piece of equipment, what would you be and why?
A 944K with Topcon technology because it’s a smart machine that can move mountains. I like to have a big picture view of what’s ahead and know the direction we are headed.












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