Greg John

Parts Manager, Fort Worth, 30 years

Unlike most team members, Greg found his way to RDO Equipment Co. through an acquisition more than 20 years ago. While he admits he was nervous back then, going from a small, three-store group to one with several dozen spread across the country, he now describes RDO Equipment Co. as a GREAT place to work.  

1. What do you remember about your first day(s) with RDO Equipment Co.?
I had been with the former company for several years, so honestly, I remember showing up and just doing my job. We did have to adjust a few things like a new computer system and those types of things, but I looked at it as a new day to do my job well.

2. What’s one big change from those early days to today?
The biggest impact for me since we were first acquired is something I felt right away that hasn’t changed – how we were made part of the RDO Equipment Co. family. We were welcomed from day one and it has been great to be included and still feel that same sense of family today.

3. What’s different about RDO Equipment Co. compared to other industry companies?
The Core Values and that we follow through with them. Other companies have core values but don’t follow them. For us, they mean something, they’re more than just a filler on our website.

4. RDO Equipment Co. is diverse in locations – what’s unique about the Texas region?
In Texas, we run full-bore all year long; there are no winters to slow us down.

Also, our economy here is doing very well; everywhere you turn there are new housing developments and construction underway, so that plays into how we stay busy.

5. What makes you excited about the next 10, 25, or 50 years for RDO Equipment Co.?
The culture that has been built here, knowing we’re all one family sharing a common goal.

6. One of the unique pieces of the RDO Equipment Co. puzzle is Core Values – what’s your favorite Core Value and why?
Partner with Employees.
The company really cares about us, the employees, and making us as successful as we can be. I also appreciate how RDO Equipment Co. respects that we have families and they put our families first. 

7. Just for fun, if you could be any piece of equipment, what would you be and why?
I’d be a dump truck because they can haul a lot and I keep hauling every day.














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