Joe Castillo

Regional General Manager, Desert Southwest, 20 years

Starting out working the parts warehouse, Joe experienced numerous roles at RDO Equipment Co. prior to where he is today, leading the Agriculture and RDO Water teams in the Southwest Desert region.

1. What do you remember about your first day(s) with RDO Equipment Co.?
At the time, I was so energetic and eager to come in and start getting things done right away. I quickly realized it was a new world for me, so I needed to take a step back, stop, listen, and seek direction.

2. What’s one big change from those early days to today?
When I started in the industry, I worked for a grower and everything was done manually. You sent your best equipment operator out to the field to do the most skilled work because AMS solutions and the technology we have today didn’t exist. Now, it seems like we can’t live without that technology.

3. What’s different about RDO Equipment Co. compared to other industry companies?
We have a family culture that truly cares for the best interest of our customers and stakeholders.

4. RDO Equipment Co. is diverse in locations – what’s unique about the Southwest region?
We farm year-round. The demand here is high so we have to respond. I think that’s one thing that has made us successful is we understand that sense of urgency.

Also, we have a lot of crop diversity here, I’d say more than 100 crops and easily over a million acres is farmed.

5. What makes you excited about the next 10, 25, or 50 years for RDO Equipment Co.?
The entrepreneur spirit our Leadership group has created for our organization is refreshing and inspiring. 

6. One of the unique pieces of the RDO Equipment Co. puzzle is Core Values – what’s your favorite Core Value and why?
Create Opportunities
It’s amazing to be able to create opportunities for our organization and stakeholders. It’s very fulfilling to see our employees take advantage and blossom into mature individuals, both in their respective roles and personal lives as well.

7. Just for fun, if you could be any piece of equipment, what would you be and why?
A drone. I’d love to be up and see all the crops and fields. Because we have such a variety of crops here in our region, it would be neat to see it all at a high level.













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