Roni Lillehaugen

General Manager, Grand Forks, 10 years

Roni can’t help but smile when she thinks about her childhood and the fun she had playing in the dirt with toy trucks – because now, she gets to work with RDO Equipment Co. customers, people who “play” in the dirt and operate heavy machinery for a living.

1. What do you remember about your first day(s) with RDO Equipment Co.?
I remember how welcoming everybody was. I truly felt like the team wanted me here, they wanted me to learn, they wanted me to succeed. There were lots of people helping me learn everything from machines and computer systems to the company culture and the way we do business. It will not be surprising to those who know me that I also did a bit of house cleaning those first few days…

2. What’s one big change from those early days to today?
One of the biggest changes I’ve seen is how the stores now work together as a team. When I first started, each store worked somewhat independently. It wasn’t a bad thing, but now, working together as a single enterprise, we’re taking better care of our stakeholders.

3. What’s different about RDO Equipment Co. compared to other industry companies?
We actually live our Core Values. They’re more than just posters on the wall; we truly believe in them and in our Stakeholder Philosophy as well.

4. RDO Equipment Co. is diverse in locations – what’s unique about the Midwest region?
Our seasonality is unique compared to other areas. We have a shorter “working season” than other regions but that gives us different opportunities to stay connected to customers in the off-season.

The Midwest has a large footprint that is fairly rural but we do have pockets that are urban as well. Of course, we are also host of the “Minnesota Nice” and “North Dakota Nice” folks!

5. What makes you excited about the next 10, 25, or 50 years for RDO Equipment Co.?
I’m looking forward to watching our employees and customers grow, develop, and succeed. It will be fun to see how technology plays a role in both of these areas. We have been helping people for 50 years and we are positioned to help them for another 50 years!

6. One of the unique pieces of the RDO Equipment Co. puzzle is Core Values – what’s your favorite Core Value and why?
Partner with Employees.
The most rewarding part of my job is watching my team members grow, develop, and succeed. I’m fortunate to work with a truly great group of people who are dedicated to providing a very high level of customer service.

7. Just for fun, if you could be any piece of equipment, what would you be and why?
An ADT, a big articulated dump truck. They are big, powerful, and can haul a lot of product. Plus, they look cool and remind me of the Tonka trucks I played with as a kid!













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