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Attracting, Growing, and Retaining Talent: Feature on Inside Agri-Turf Podcast

Attracting, Growing, and Retaining Talent: Feature on Inside Agri-Turf Podcast

29 Sep 2021
Interview featured on Inside Agri-Turf Podcast and first aired in July 2021

One of the biggest challenges for any company regardless of industry is attracting, growing, and retaining talent. Looking at the equipment industry and agriculture specifically, this challenge is nothing new.

Amanda Dawson, Director of Human Resources, and Andy Luikens, Recruiting Program Manager recently went on an industry podcast to discuss this topic. The two joined Chris Biddle, host of the Inside Agri-Turf Podcast, to talk about various ways to attract, grow, and retain talent in the agriculture industry.

They began by discussing the strategy to begin engaging talent as young as pre-K age students.

“A lot of people grow up with the fascination of big tractors,” Andy said. “The goal is to keep that fire lit within them and wanting them to be excited about it.”

They also talk about why compensation and benefits are not the only factors that are important to engaging and retaining top talent.

“What we hear from team members is wanting to have a career path, wanting to know they are part of the bigger picture, and wanting to do work that matters,” Amanda said.

Listen to the full episode on the Inside Agri-Turf Podcast website.

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