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5 Important Things to Know About JDLink™ Connectivity and Machine Data

5 Important Things to Know About JDLink™ Connectivity and Machine Data

15 Jul 2021 Read time: 5 min

You know about JDLink™. You know the value of seeing and analyzing machine data. Now, the opportunity to connect machines and reap the rewards are open to all, as John Deere is offering JDLink Connectivity at no charge to owners and operators of eligible Deere equipment.

“Machines are becoming more integrated with technology, both with precision ag and SmartGrade technologies,” Jeff Lemna, RDO Equipment Co. Vice President of Customer Support said. “Connected machines offer a great opportunity for equipment owners to improve day-to-day operations and monitor the health and productivity of their fleet.”

Here are 5 important things to know about JDLink Connectivity, including why to connect machines, hardware requirements for connection, and what to do if you have an existing JDLink subscription.

1. Why Connect Machines
Those who take advantage of the opportunity to connect their machines with JDLink are in position to better manage their fleet and team.

Track Data Points
From fuel consumption to idle time, there are dozens of data points that can be tracked with JDLink. This data offers the insight needed to make adjustments for better efficiency and uptime, as well as staying on track with preventative maintenance and warranty schedules.

Track Machines
Managers have awareness of where machines are at any moment on the jobsite, ensuring those assets are where they should be. In the event a machine is missing, whether due to theft or operator error, geofencing enables machine location to be pinpointed quickly and accurately.

Track Operation
Another advantage of machine data is opportunity to learn operator behaviors. This can help, both when training new operators and when reviewing operator habits. In both cases, the data offers managers insights needed to adjust for greater efficiencies.

2. How It Strengthens Partnerships
Not every asset manager or owner is interested in viewing data and many others are not able to dedicate the time to analyze it for fleet and team management. Another advantage of connecting machines with JDLink is it opens a new line of communication and support with RDO’s experts.

When a machine is connected and the proper permissions granted to RDO, the team can offer service and support at an elevated level, taking that responsibility off a company. Beyond tracking basic data points like fuel consumption and idle time, RDO experts can take machine health a step further.

Remote diagnostic capabilities allow team members to either fix the issue remotely or by sending a software update, or pass along to a local technician who can take care of the issue in the field. Because of the machine connection and visibility to RDO, that technician can see exactly where the machine is in the field for quicker response time.

Proactive machine monitoring is another service offered to customers with JDLink connected machines. RDO’s highly-trained team monitors machine health, sees alerts from machines, and develops a solution to prevent downtime – often, before a manager or operator is aware anything might be wrong.

3. What to do Now
With JDLink no longer requiring paid subscriptions, eligible equipment owners will be prompted to opt into JDLink and can connect machines through a few steps. This one-time set-up activates the service on current and future JDLink-equipped machine. Those who do not receive the prompt should contact an RDO Product Specialist to get connected.

Step-by-step JDLink Connectivity tutorials are available here.. Contact an RDO Product Specialist or other trusted team member for help opting in and connecting machines.

4. What Is Coming Next
On December 31, 2021, AT&T will discontinue its 3G network in the United States. Any hardware below 4G will need to be upgraded in order to continue JDLink service. RDO is able to provide upgrades for 2G and 3G hardware and, for a limited time, is offering promotions to upgrade.

Unsure of what hardware is currently on a machine? Contact the RDO team for assistance to check and upgrade if needed.

5. What About Existing JDLink Subscriptions
Previously, JDLink subscriptions were offered at different levels. With the exciting new change, there are no longer different options. All connectivity is now simply JDLink.

Those with existing JDLink paid subscriptions are encouraged to opt-in and connect all machines to the new service. While equipment will continue connection until the subscription expires, opting in now ensures connection will not be disrupted when the existing subscription expires. Until the new opt-in step is completed, the user will be prompted to opt-in upon logging into John Deere Operations Center.

RDO is committed to providing world-class service and connected machines are a great opportunity for customers to elevate the level of support they receive.  


Questions about JDLink and connecting machines? Contact your RDO Agriculture or Construction Product Specialist team:



Learn more about JDLink requirements and see step-by-step instructions for how to connect machines and take advantage of this exciting new opportunity.

For more information on new and used agriculture and construction equipment, contact your local RDO Equipment Co. store.

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