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Women in Equipment Conference Highlights Strengths and Opportunities

22 Nov 2023 Read time: 3 min

For the second year, team members across RDO Equipment Co.’s footprint had the chance to attend the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) annual Women in Equipment Conference. Once again, it proved a valuable and impactful experience for attendees.  

“Year after year, my biggest takeaway from the (Women in Equipment) Conference is the amazing connections I get to build with fellow RDO team members,” said RDO Government Sales Representative, Stefanie Miller. “The conference allows us time to share stories, challenges and perspectives, which not only inform my work but help me feel closer to others in the industry.”  

AED created the event to bring together female professionals in the equipment industry to network and provide an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and discuss the unique challenges they face. 

This year, the conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, and consisted of two days of interactive seminars ranging from industry analytics to strategies for cohesive communication.  

Like Miller, Sacramento Service Manager Rosemary Rodarte has also been in attendance for back-to-back years. For Rodarte, the opportunity to attend and participate in knowledge transfer between companies, teams and positions was extremely beneficial.  

“The Women in Equipment Conference takes one of the most marginalized groups in the industry and allows them to share their voices in a big way,” Rodarte explained. “When you work in a largely male-centered industry, it’s important for women to be their authentic selves. The conference helps attendees lean into their strengths and capitalize on what makes them special.”

Both Miller and Rodarte were also instrumental in growing the number of RDO attendees in the conference's second year. According to Miller, RDO had one of the most diverse groups, as team members hailed from a wide range of departments and locations. However, next year, both women have their eyes set on a new goal — increasing the number of men in attendance. 

“I would like to see more men attend opportunities like this because as much as women need a voice, we also need allies who will listen and understand the importance of our perspective,” explained Rodarte.  

Next year, the AED Women in Equipment Conference will be held in Denver, Colorado, and attendees hope that awareness continues to grow throughout the industry.  

I’m so thankful to work for a company like RDO that prioritizes learning opportunities for its team,” said Miller. “I would encourage anyone interested to attend this conference, as I’ve found it to be such a great way to share my voice and grow in my career.”  

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