Government Sales and Leasing


So many options, so many attachments and so many possibilities. Let RDO Equipment Co. help you make your procurement process simple. We offer competitive purchasing and leasing options to help you optimize your cash flow and acquire the equipment and supplies you need when you need them. 

Why Choose RDO Equipment Co. for your procurement? 

Flexible payment packages: Take your budget further with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments. 

Non-Appropriation of funds clause: Ensures that if your funding is changed for any reason, your lease can be canceled without penalty.  

Parts and Services Support Center: Huge parts inventory and support teams to keep you running.  

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA): Parts Contract Number – SPE7LX-17-D-0028 for US Military and Federal John Deere parts purchases.

Connected Support: Complete technical support to help you connect and monitor your machines to manage their use and keep them operating in tip top condition. 



What contract is best for you? RDO Equipment Co. uses many contracts, including the following, to find the best pricing and buying arrangement for you.









Sub-Compact and Utility Tractors



Accomplish everything with John Deere utility tractors. Choose from many sizes and attachments to meet your needs.  


Commercial Mowing


No matter how much mowing you have in a day there are many sizes and configurations to chose from. Let us help find what is right for you.  

Utility Vehicles

GatorUTV ImageResizer


Move around and maintain property with ease using a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle. Chose from many different sizes and options. 



Choose from many different attachment options to turn your equipment into the ultimate year-round multi-tasking machines.  

  • Loader Attachments
  • Snow Removal
  • Cutters and Shredders
  • Gator UTV Attachments

Roadside Mowing and Maintenance


Mow and maintain roadsides easily, comfortably and efficiently with the right machine options from John Deere and Frontier. 

Large Frame Tractors


Large projects are not match when using 7R Series, 8R Series or 9R Series John Deere tractors.  

How Can We Help You?

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