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Irrigation Solutions from RDO Water

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At RDO Water, irrigation systems and solutions are the core of what we do.

Our team specializes in irrigation system design, and understands how your unique terrain, crops, and business determine the right system for you. By pairing our knowledge with a passion for agriculture, we do more for growers like you. Learn more about RDO Water. 

Pipe, Products, and Irrigation System Rentals

Our focus is all about quality. From a quality design to quality products, our focus is to provide the highest quality for the highest long-term value for your operation. After all, your farm is your livelihood and you want it to be its best today and for future generations.

Are you growing vegetables, small grains, cover crops, berries, or are you nurturing an orchard or vineyard? We design and carry products for numerous irrigation systems including subsurface drip, substrate drip, surface drip, micro-sprinkler, drip, greenhouse, and permanent drip, featuring dripper line/on-line drippers.

Managed Farm Services

Managed Farm Services is a package of services and equipment designed to support your operation in all areas, from labor concerns to equipment needs. Find out how RDO Water’s Managed Farm Services can help you.

Irrigation Services

Custom Irrigation


Our team will deliver all irrigation equipment needed, from the pump to the sprinkler head. Using our own team, we install the system, test it, operate it, and then remove it once your crop is healthy.

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Maintenance and Service


RDO Water Drip Tape

You can trust the RDO Water team for your water projects. We will take care of the entire process from beginning to end so you can focus your efforts elsewhere. From the installation to retrieval and recycling—we have you covered.

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Design and Construction


What is driving your needs? Is it regulations, labor issues, crop rotations, soil conditions, or something else? Our team has dealt with these issues and designed and built irrigation systems to address long-term needs. 

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Irrigation Products and Parts

Micro, Surface, and Sub-Surface Drip Solutions



Many sizes and configurations available. Not only do we offer products from the top manufacturers, we can install it, retrieve it, and even take care of the recycling.

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Precision Controls, Automation & Substrate


Irrigations inside a greenhouse

Controls and products for the precise delivery of water to your crop. From installation to operation, we can help your system perform at its best so your crop can grow at its best.

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Pipes, Pumps, and Filters Sales and Rental


RDO Water Irrigation Pumps and Filters

Everything you need to move water from the source, to your system, and your crop. We provide many options to buy or rent to help you accomplish your irrigation needs.

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