John Deere SmartGrade™ Motor Graders and Dozers


Introducing the Industry's First Fully Integrated, Mastless Grade Control Motor Graders and Dozers

John Deere SmartGrade™ Motor Graders and Dozers offer the first-of-its-kind mastless 3D integrated grade control. What does this mean for you? Unlike traditional aftermarket grade-control systems, John Deere’s SmartGrade machines have no external masts or cables, allowing virtually unlimited range of grade-control and hydraulic functions. Integrating Topcon 3D-MC2 technology, the machines go from the factory to your jobsite, ready to work. 

And thanks to the RDO Integrated Controls team of machine control experts, you get full support including machine setup, training, troubleshooting, and more. It’s the complete technology support you need to make John Deere SmartGrade technology work on your jobsite. 

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"John Deere SmartGrade equipment has definitely improved the time it takes for us to complete a job."

-Justin Stiehl, Champion Site Prep

Fully Integrated, Mastless, 3D Grade Control


Move more material, more efficiently with John Deere SmartGrade Motor Graders. See the industry's first motor grader with no limitations to angle, blade pitch, or articulation.

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Motor Graders


620GP Motor Grader

160 kW (215 hp)

View the 620GP


622GP Motor Grader

168 kW (225 hp)

View the 622GP



670GP Motor Grader

175 kW (235 hp)

View the 670GP



672GP Motor Grader

190 kW (255 hp)

View the 670GP



770GP Motor Grader

190 kW (255 hp)

View the 770GP



772GP Motor Grader

205 kW (275 hp)

View the 772GP



870GP Motor Grader

209 kW (280 hp)

View the 870GP



872GP Motor Grader

224 kW (300 hp)

View the 872GP




650K Crawler Dozer

78 kW (104 hp)

View the 650K



700K Crawler Dozer

97 kW (130 hp)

View the 700K



750K Crawler Dozer

123 kW (165 hp)

View the 750K



850K Crawler Dozer

152 kW (205 hp)

View the 850K



950K Crawler Dozer

198-209 kW (265-280 hp)

View the 950K