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Lasers and Levels for Sale

RDO Equipment Co. is a supplier of Topcon lasers used by engineers, surveyors and machine operators, which have been used on jobsites around the world for decades. Topcon lasers deliver features tailored to the way you work including, auto-leveling, red and green beams, and SmartScan. Now you can rest assured that your tools have the same level of expertise and intelligence as you.

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Simplified laser setup leads to consistently accurate results quickly and easily.

Topcon lasers are well-established, feature-rich tools with a wide range of applications. They're also very easy to operate.


The key to accuracy is repeatability. Topcon lasers and levels all have highly polished machining and design to ensure you are exactly on line setup after setup, day after day. The self-alignment capabilities remove the guesswork from achieving precision and with leave you with accuracy you can be proud of. 


Topcon instruments are built to last. The evidence can be found on construction sites all throughout the world. Day after day, year after year, set it up, switch it on, and go to work. This is a long-term investment.

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