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Resources for Do-It-Yourself Repairs

The support you need for the repairs you want to make using your own talents. Let us help you with the parts, service support and information needed to help you get your project complete so you can get back to work with your equipment.

Parts for Your Repair Projects

Your project always starts with making sure you have the right parts for your equipment.

Service Support When You Need it

Some projects require more support. When your repair project requires help, you can trust our team to get your equipment repaired or maintained correctly, so it can perform in the field.

Equipment Manuals and Installation Instructions

John Deere provides an extensive library of equipment publications, installation instructions, and educational materials to help you be successful in your repair project.

Customer Service Advisor From John Deere

Take diagnostic readings, clear and refresh codes and have greater access to technical manuals.

Additional Support Options

We provide you with numerous support options that enhance your ability to maintain your equipment and ensure maximum uptime.

RDO Equipment Co. is committed to providing our customers all the information needed to operate, maintain, and repair their equipment safely and responsibly. Read about our position on the issue of “right to repair” by clicking the link below. 

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Each of our stores has the parts and tools you may need to do your job right. Our stores also have the skilled technicians to help you when you desire additional support.

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