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John Deere SmartGrade™ Excavators

Flexible Grade Management Solutions

2D Guidance > 2D Control > 3D Guidance > 3D Control

With John Deere you can adopt integrated grade management technology at your own pace. Choose from 2D Grade Guidance all the way up to SmartGrade™ 3D Grade Control. And upgrade at any time. So you're free from stakes and strings, over digging, and rework. And to build exacting bids that win jobs and deliver margins. All backed by John Deere's legendary dealer network. This is the smarter way forward.

A Clear View of the Future

Automatic boom and bucket control. Virtual fencing. Overdig protection. Real-time readouts on distance to grade. See how our new line of SmartGrade excavators bring a whole new depth of thinking to the industry.


Precisely On Grade

SmartGrade excavators reduce guesswork on the jobsite, transforming tough choices into smart choices. Choose to precisely grade in the dark. Choose to deploy fewer machines, and to reassign crew members. Choose to bid with extreme confidence. Beginning today, the smart choice is yours.

Every detail of our SmartGrade excavators was thoughtfully considered and designed to simplify your life. From minimizing time-wasting steps, to easily adapting to changes in site plans. It all adds up to a seamless experience that allows you to get grade faster.

The SmartGrade excavator is engineered to not only boost productivity, but confidence. Delivering the unusual combination of both speed and precision.


Flexible grade management

Flexible grade management solutions

Virtual fence barriers

Virtual fence barriers

Overdig Protect

Overdig protect

No Stakes or Strings for Leveling

Freedom from stakes & strings

Grade with Precision

Grade with precision

Fully Integrated from the factory

Fully integrated from the factory

Explore Excavators

SmartGrade technology is available on these models of John Deere Excavators.


John Deere 210G LC Excavator

210G LC Excavator

Operating weight: 23,631 kg (52,097 lb.)

View the 210G LC

John Deere 350G LC Excavator

350G LC Excavator

Operating weight: 23,631 kg (52,097 lb.)

View the 350G LC

SmartGrade Your Way

Check out the full line of available SmartGrade offerings to find the exact level on your jobsite. Learn how these uptime-boosting features can work for you.

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