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John Deere SmartGradeTM Motor Graders

Designed for Precision

John Deere's cutting-edge, fully integrated SmartGrade™ technology lets operators run with no limitations, in any position. Lean the front wheels, control articulation, and easily pitch the blade, all while maintaining accuracy.

Built To Raise the Bar

The benefits of the optional premium circle elevate expectations. This fully sealed system is more powerful and accurate while being lower maintenance, which means less downtime and more productivity.

Smartgrade Motorgrade Circle

The Future is Automatic

Level up your motor grader with a suite of optional automation features that help protect the machine and simplify repetitive work.

For the first time in motor grader history, the operator can simply use the throttle and brake to fully control the machine. No more using the inching pedal, manually selecting gears, or stalling while stopped.

This limitation of blade movement prevents damage to tires, steps, or structures, even in complex machine positions, so operators can focus more closely on simply making grade.

Machine movements including raising, rotating, and flipping the angle of the blade at the start and end of grading passes are all automated with the press of a button. We’re proud to make Auto-Pass available on all John Deere Grade Pro (GP) models and standard on all SmartGrade machines.

Preparing the machine for transport is push-button easy with industry-exclusive Blade Stow as part of Machine Presets: Stow the blade and ripper, turn on the lights including the hazards, automatically raise the moldboard to a predetermined angle, and enable Auto-Shift all at once.

SmartGrade Your Way

Check out the full line of available SmartGrade offerings to find the exact level on your jobsite. Learn how these uptime-boosting features can work for you.

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