Vermeer CT718 T3

Get consistent results in less time with the CT718 compost turner. Featuring a large 44”/111.76 cm drum to mix and aerate more material with each rotation, the CT718 allows operators to program a constant load to maximize efficiency. Process up to 5,000 tons (4535.9 metric tons) per hour. Caterpillar C15 Tier 3 engine provides 540 hp/402.68 kw of power. Synchronous poly-belt drum drive system and heavy-duty construction helps deliver long machine life with less maintenance.

  • Enhances operator productivity through a climate-controlled cab with a fully adjustable suspension seat and joystick controls.
  • Spend less time traveling between windrows with ground speed up to 4 mph.
  • Steer straight ahead easily with the handy trim control knob.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.